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About Yoga Yoga

Yoga improves the health and fitness of our body, mind and spirit and is a wonderful way to keep fit, happy and healthy. Attending a regular Yoga class is a great way to develop stamina and strength in the body and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Regular practice enables an increased level of movement and suppleness in the body, improved circulation, better balance and better posture. Yoga improves our concentration and can make us stronger both physically and emotionally. It is widely recognised as an excellent stress management tool; teaching us to relax, it aids restful sleep and helps foster spiritual peace and contentment. Yoga is not a religion nor is it linked to a particular culture; it is a practical aid, enjoyed by people everywhere and by all ages.

A complete science, Yoga is a way of life, an integrated education system that teaches the mind, body and inner spirit to coexist in harmony, originating in India, it's teachings can be traced back to over 5,000 thousand years ago. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "unity"; "to unite". Often thought of as the union of body, mind and spirit the old scriptures teach us that is it more than that. Yoga teaches us a way of appreciating and co existing better with others and our environment – therefore not only unity within our self but with all things.

Yoga-Yoga classes are designed for both physical and mental rejuvenation, around the main attributes of Hatha Yoga* and cover breathing, relaxation and exercise. Special exercises or "asanas" as they are referred to in Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning "steady pose"; that encourage flexibility and strength across all muscle groups are performed. Deep abdominal breathing, which helps to cleanse and nourish the body; and proper relaxation techniques are practiced.

We encourage people to take a course of classes over time and offer block booking discounts, as this enables you to enjoy the many benefits of regular practice and provides a solid foundation for further development.

*Hatha Yoga, in current times, is mainly practiced for health and vitality. It's a marvellous means of exercising, stretching, and freeing the body so it can be a healthy, long-lived, and vital instrument of the mind and soul. In addition, Hatha Yogis can become extremely clear-minded and can concentrate well. However, a few Yogis do practice Hatha Yoga as their main method for spiritual realization too. Their clear minds and pure, healthy bodies enable them to meditate easily.
In Sanskrit, 'Ha' means sun, 'Tha' means moon. Hatha Yoga is the practice of harmonizing the body's inner currents (principally the currents of Feeling, Thinking, Willing, and Acting) until they are in perfect balance. Taken from

There are many different styles of Hatha Yoga now available to us in the West and sometimes this can be a bit confusing. All styles follow the teachings as set out in the ancient Indian texts however the emphasis of the particular styles are different. For example Astanga Yoga is often thought to be an athletic style of Hatha Yoga focussed more on the practice of asana and movement and seems to attract people who are looking at Yoga more as a physical practice. A style like Sivananda Yoga on the other hand, where a big emphasis is placed on relaxation and breathing seems to attract people who want a more peaceful, slower, spiritual practice. Other styles use particular props such as belts and blocks to assist practise and new 'styles' are developing all the time, adapting to the needs of our modern society. One thing is certain; whatever style of Yoga you try, you will work with your mind, body and spirit whatever the particular emphasis.

"It [Yoga] is the most effective and fulfilling exercise I have ever done - you feel the benefits on the inside as well as on the outside, both to your body and mind." - Charlotte

People come to Yoga for different reasons, whatever your reason I am sure you will find so much more than you ever expected.


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