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Private Tuition Private Tuition


Private Yoga classes are conducted on a one to one or small group basis and take place either at an individual's home, or another venue chosen and paid for by the client.

Private classes can be offered on a once off basis or as a regular class. Offering those who do not have the ability to come to a group class or wish to embark on their Yoga discovery in a private way, an opportunity to do so and a number of classes can be arranged to suit individual needs and objectives.

Our focus during private classes will be on proper breathing, proper relaxation and the Yoga asanas, all put together in such a way as to support the needs of the client. Following an initial consultation and class, which takes about 75 or 90 minutes, recommendations will be made and a specific programme designed.

Private tuition may be undertaken for a variety of reasons from just wanting to try out Yoga for yourself in the privacy of your home to wanting to re- educate yourself after a break in your practice to wanting to use Yoga to help you train for something specific.

Louise tends to specialise in the following areas: -

  • Personal tuition for managing stress
  • Personal tuition for health and posture alignment
  • Personal tuition for pregnancy, birth and postnatal

"When I first started Yoga lessons with Louise I was suffering severely from poor health caused by stress. Louise created a personalised stress-management yoga programme for me that undoubtedly helped to improve my health and well-being. On the days that we had a session and I was having a 'bad health day', Louise was sensitive to my needs and always managed to bring an element of fun to the lessons, which was therapy in itself! Her techniques helped me to unite body and mind and through yoga I have finally learnt how to manage the stresses of everyday more effectively.

As someone who works in the corporate world I found Louise's style of teaching refreshing. She has the ability to teach yoga in an organised, practical and methodical way while still keeping the spirituality of the yoga alive. Her lessons are well structured and Louise is an inspiring and encouraging teacher, who was patient with me even though I was probably one of the most inflexible people that she had probably encountered! Louise's printed hand out material is also invaluable and she really does equip you with the know-how for you to develop your own yoga practice at home. I can honestly say that lessons with Louise have changed my approach to life and work. For the first time in years I feel energised and more positive and for that I thank Louise and Yoga-Yoga for that" - Melissa

Today stress is responsible for a multitude of serious illness and apart from destroying individual lives; is costing business time and money. I have developed a specific programme, based on many years experience as a senior executive in the fast moving technology business, which aims to address stress and enable the individual to control its negative effects.

Yoga for stress management is taught purely on a personal coaching basis or in small groups. Small groups will have the same specific stress related issues and workshops are organised from time to time or organised on a case-by-case basis.

Personal instructions for problems resulting from injury or poor posture are addressed during personal coaching sessions. As these are bespoke to the specific problem please email us directly and we will be happy to design a specific programme to aid you back to optimum health.

Personal tuition for Pregnancy/birth: -

"Louise Thought you would like to know that we had a baby boy. It all went really well and we were able to have him at home on Monday at 1.15pm after 11 hours of labour, lots of yoga breathing and gas and air. We would both like to thank you for all the help that you gave us - I genuinely don't think we could have done it without the yoga training. We spent lots of time on the gym balls, some time imagining the sea coming up and down the shoreline [meditation technique] but most of the time focussing on breathing. I think the most important thing you taught us was the importance of the long breath out. Easy to forget, but with my husband reminding me, it made huge amounts of difference. Anyway, thanks again and do let me know we can start post natal yoga." Emma

Typical class content for Pregnancy Yoga:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Exercises to provide focus, concentration and to control breathing
  • Modified Yoga posture exercises-asanas and posture sequences
  • Relaxation and relaxation techniques
  • Meditation techniques to provide a calm outlook

Postnatal Yoga is a gentle way to regain your strength and flexibility and increase your fitness levels after the birth of your child. Please check with your doctor prior to embarking on any postnatal Yoga. Generally speaking and dependant on your health, you can begin some Yoga practice from about 6/8 weeks after birth.


To book an initial consultation and class you can contact Louise through this website. Please give a few days notice of a possible meeting.

Terms and Conditions

For details of the approach taken and terms of booking private classes please down load the booking form HERE


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