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Weekly Yoga Weekly Yoga

"I have been practising various styles of Yoga now for over 8 years and truly believe that coming to Louise's classes has been a real find! Louise seems to effortlessly create a safe haven within each class and brings just the right balance of breathing, posture work and relaxation. You feel as though you have experienced a full work out, mind, body and soul. Louise includes challenging postures to each session whilst always explaining and demonstrating them fully; her in depth insight into the benefits of each pose is great! No matter how hectic a day I have had...I always leave Louise's class feeling energised, revived and most of all positive! Thank you Louise." - Jane

Currently I am running a weekly class at Bhuti Richmond Hill on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings (refer to timetable for details and booking) a 90 minutes and 60 minutes class respectively. The class is suitable for different levels of experience from beginner to advanced but is not recommended for complete beginners, some knowledge of Yoga postures and breathing, however 'rusty' or little, is helpful. There is a brief description below.

The class

The emphasis of our weekly class varies however, the aim of the classes is always the same - to encourage and inspire you. The class combines fluid sequences and posture holds and are an opportunity for students to really develop their Yoga practice further and learn new things. We may work with particular postures or posture sequences, a specific theme for example, ‘balances’ or balancing postures or work on students own personal challenges. The classes introduce more challenging postures and other key aspects of Yoga practice, for example bandhas (locks) or mudras (seals). The idea is that students really deepen their practice, learn new things and are inspired to develop their own personal practice.

The 90 miniutes class will finish with a short meditation

Class is suitable for

Attendance at these classes requires at least some knowledge of the basic postures as well as Yoga breathing; therefore students are required to have completed the Yoga-Yoga Beginners Course or equivalent classes prior to joining these classes. Confidence with various flows of the Sun Salutation would be helpful but not necessarily essential however, the concept of "moving with the breath" from posture to posture would be useful. Less instruction will be provided, as students will be expected to understand the core principles of Yoga.

How does it work?

You can attend these classes on a drop-in basis or book a number of classes in advance for attendance within a stated time period. Purchasing in advance helps to maintain the discipline of a regular weekly practice. Also, if you are a member of bhuti then this class is included in your membership .

"I've really enjoyed your classes; you are such a gifted teacher!" Gianna


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