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Why this course

"It was great to have the opportunity to evaluate our underlying values in the context of becoming a Yoga teacher with a professional coach. Again, I think this really makes the Yoga-Yoga YTT stand out."

We have been praised for our course delivery by other Yoga teachers and for our rigorous, comprehensive content by our awarding body and by other tutors (teaching on and/or familiar with other course content and approach)

We like to think this course is a little bit different to most that are currently being offered in that as a student on this course you will

  • Receive a high degree of personal attention from the two main tutors.
  • Meet experts in their given fields relevant and helpful to beginning your journey as Yoga teacher
  • Be given the opportunity of quality one on one time with the course director and mentoring throughout
  • Learn about effective communication, how people learn, how to encourage people and engage them in effective learning. And other teaching methodologies that are not offered on all Yoga teacher trainings. These will not only inform you as a potential Yoga teacher but will be useful in other aspects of your life too. Louise is a coach and we invite another coach onto the course to participate in our module on ‘core values’ and integrity in Yoga teaching
  • Participate in highly interactive and practical sessions throughout and in particular, sessions concerned with the ethics of teaching
  • Be helped on your journey into teaching Yoga professionally. A successful business women, Louise also has an experienced marketing professional join the course to help you understand how to set yourself up as an independent practitioner

What people have said about the course-

"This course has changed me in so many positive ways."

"It [the course] was a life changing experience for me. This course was not about theory and learning a subject "Yoga" but it was a journey which helped me to develop myself and my attitude towards life."

"Louise's TTC is utterly brilliant and life-changing. What a journey! I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about learning more about Yoga, even if you have no intention of teaching Yoga but want to deepen your knowledge and own personal practice with a group of lovely, like-minded people. It is a well-structured, thorough, detailed course and you will be amazed at the depth of your knowledge at the end of it. And who knows where the journey will lead you?"

". . . I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to join this course and to experience it with such lovely and beautiful people. I'm really excited to continue my teaching journey and to share all that I have learnt, to help others as it [Yoga] has helped me."

"The guest tutors provided valuable insights into their particular fields of interest and competence; in the case of Liz [coach] and Uwe [marketing professional], we were able to come away with solid information directly relevant to ourselves and to our futures as Yoga teachers. With Adelene [relax and restore with Adelene], I felt I was offered a wonderful view of a form of Yoga that I will probably pursue both as a student and a teacher . . ."

What did you like most about the course? "Too many things to mention: the feeling of being on this extraordinary journey with such a like minded group of people was a huge privilege, as is the community that now exists as a result of that shared experience. The standard of the teachings we received from all our tutors: superb. The push we occasionally received if it was felt we were coasting a bit or simply not giving everything we had to give. The detailed practical work we did, helping us to better understand the theory behind it. The warmth and dedication of our tutors, who always had our best interests at heart and who did so much to nourish and nurture us and help us achieve our dreams (in my case) of being able to teach. And all the ‘behind the scenes’ work undertaken by our tutors to help make the course flow effortlessly and to create the best possible learning environment for us. "

What did you like least about the course? "As for things I liked least? The course finishing! Can’t think of anything other than that…"

"I also appreciated the time we were each allocated to meet with Louise [one to one with course director] last August in order to discuss and evaluate our individual progress-thank you"

"The course content has been developed so carefully and comprehensively, the delivery has been so professional and enthusiastic, the venue was great, the selection of guest tutors added to the credibility and variety of the course, really well done. I liked the care and feed-back given on our homework and student reports."

"I could write praise about every aspect of the course and I think it really prepared us well to start out as Yoga teachers. At times I felt it was almost preposterous that I would call myself a Yoga teacher at the end of the course as the course really opened my eyes how little I know in this field. However, and again no mean feat to achieve this with a perfectionist like me, I now feel I have a sound basis and I can provide something of value to a Yoga student even though I am well aware of the many areas of improvement."

"I learnt more from Swami Saradananda sessions than I had ever imagined. She explained incredibly deep concepts in ways that I found easy to understand, by using stories and analogies that made the concepts relatable to every day situations."

"You [Louise] are an inspiring, passionate teacher and you have encouraged me to find my own teaching style, and to teach from my heart. You are incredibly clear when delivering information, using a number of different teaching styles, which ensures that the information is understood and easy to digest."

"I have really appreciated the practical side of the course as this has helped me to fully experience what I have learnt, which has deepened my understanding. You are very patient and will explain a subject from different perspectives, until it has been understood fully by every student. You are open to relevant questions and discussions that lead off topic, and these have been thought provoking discussions that I have benefited a lot from. You are very constructive, clear, positive and compassionate when giving feedback, I have learnt and improved so much from your advice, for which I am endlessly grateful."

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