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Policy Document

Yoga- Yoga Policy Document 


The Yoga-Yoga TTC is a non-graded course.  The emphasis is on competence to teach Yoga in terms of a trainee teacher’s ability to: -

  • Create an appropriate environment for teaching Yoga
  • Provide clear, comprehensive and correct instruction
  • Use effective language that encourages and inspires students
  • Be fully aware of health and safety considerations and demonstrate their ability to adapt for individual needs

The approach is of continual assessment both formally and informally. This is in the form of

  • Written worksheets (question and answer format) for the anatomy and physiology modules, history and philosophy modules and some specific assignments for example “teaching meditation in a Yoga class would you include it and how would you go about it” (min 250 words)  - formal
  • Written assignments about particular topics and aspects of teaching for example “consider what encouraging language you could use with a beginner for more difficult asanas/practices” - formal
  • Students own written reflections on their own practice and experiences during the course- informal
  • Class observations- one formal written to be submitted and others which will be informal and for reflection and learning
  • Practice teaching in partners, groups and teaching friends and family – informal
  • Two reports will be written during the course where students will be asked to provide information about their progress on the course during designated periods. –formal

There will be an examination of student's knowledge and ability to teach at the end of the course as well as two teaching practices to the TTC group and a final class assessment (90 minutes) mixed ability class, outside of the teacher training environment. The final class assessment will take place after the last course day but before the graduation date.

All written assignments will be either 'pass or refer'. If a piece of work is referred, it will be resubmitted when the necessary amendments have been made. Tutor/s will support and advise you through this process. Where an assignment has been set in the form of an essay then detailed feedback will be given.

As well as completing assignments, students are observed in teaching practice in groups, in partner work and individually. This serves to enhance student's knowledge and develop the skills needed to be a good teacher. Some of the teaching practices are informally assessed, but where it is a formal teaching practice observation, students will receive a 'pass or refer' and plenty of feedback. If referred, a student can be re-observed, this may incur further cost and your tutor will support and advise you.

Students will evaluate their own practice and progress through their own reflective self-assessment and through the feedback of peers and are required to keep a reflective diary showing learning progress. This will help when compiling their formal reports to the course director

Attendance requirements
Students are expected to attend all course days and only be absent for good reason. Except where Special Considerations are in evidence, students are required to register 90% attendance. If a course day is missed, it is student's responsibility to make up the content. This may be done in a variety of ways and your tutor will advise you on what is most appropriate in the circumstances. You are also required to continue your regular Yoga class attendance and to keep a record of this signed by the teacher. Your teacher will also be asked to comment – formal written format, on your progress during the course, so please do inform your regular teacher of your decision to join the course, their support will be important to you. Students who do not reach the required attendance will not graduate until they have made up the time/practice and assignments and this my incur additional costs

Other requirements
Students will be expected to hold a First Aid certificate (usually renewable every three years) prior to setting up their own classes on completing the course. Your tutor will advise suitable courses for attendance near the conclusion of the course.

Paying for the course 

Students will be given bank account details to transfer fees into. If a student is unable to do this then arrangements can be made to pay by cash or cheque 

NB you are only guaranteed your place once payment is received either in the form of a non refundable deposit or in full


Cancellation and refund policy

Even if we can offer your place to some one else, within the 85% attendance ratio, the registration fee and deposit for the course is not refundable under any circumstances- even if you have paid in full that money will be retained. If you pay for the course and are unable to take part in the course, or are unable to complete the course, for whatever reason, any remaining fees due must be paid or may be credited to do another course, depending on the circumstances, but a transfer or credit is completely at our discretion.

Grievance Procedure

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, either written or spoken.  A complaint can be made by an individual or by a group.  You may wish to complain if you are not satisfied with the way you have been treated, the service you have received or the tuition you have received from your teacher.

Your school herein referred to as Yoga-Yoga Teacher Training (TT) recognises that complaints are an important part of customer’s feedback.

·       All complaints will be investigated fully and fairly.

·       Complaints will be dealt with in confidence.  The only exception to this is when others could be put at risk by matters referred to in the complaint.

·       If the complainant is not happy with the result of the response to the complaint, they will have the right to appeal Yoga Alliance Professionals and there is a clearly identified proceedure for involving Yoga Alliance Professional this will be given at first course day.

Code of Conduct 

Expectations of student and teacher code of conduct will be provided to the student prior to the course commencement 

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